Sonja Jokiniemi

Lumps, ghosts and other jimble jamble

Du 11 au 26 mai 2018

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Une proposition de Federica Martini & Nihan Somay

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All is waiting to be seen, but not silently.
Things are getting mellow, and not stiff.
Beings in metamorphosis, yet the gaze knows that it knows them.
And words,
and sounds,
and geometry
are not to be found where we last left them.

“Dear Pen,

I´ve been thinking about the trip we made together on the crumbling, trembling surface. Where you lost your ink and I became afraid of everything.
That pond, where your ink sank into the depths of the dark muddy water.
I tried to catch it with my hands and it diffused into the cracks of my fingers and escaped through the gaps.

Since then, spending time with you has felt less meaningful.

I feel as if I don´t understand you any longer. You lost your language. Became mute.
Your transparent skin only shows the void of what once was, the structure that maintained your content, the metal wires and the transparent plastic tube.

Where is your language now?”